Business Translation

Translation of texts from the business world. These texts are used for the day-to-day operations of businesses, organizations and even government agencies of all kinds: Company profiles, business offers, bids & tenders, reports, business plans, business correspondence, and more. (Also known as commercial translation)

Computer Translation

Translation of texts from the computer and Internet world: Computer applications and computer programs, help files, documentation, operating manuals, websites, software & hardware, interfaces, information systems, etc.

Website Localization & Website Translation

Localization is the term used when a product, service or website is introduced to another country. It is not simply a case of translating instructions and text on packaging into the language of the intended country; it is a way of marketing the product to the target audience of the country. Website localization is the process of modifying an existing website to make it accessible, usable and culturally suitable to a target audience.

Economic Translation

Similar to the commercial or business translation, the economic translation refers to the translation of economy-related documents, usually of academic nature.

Financial Translation

The financial translation refers to texts of a financial nature: bank statements, financial reports, securities, shares, etc.

General Translation

The ‘general translation’ category includes texts that require no specific technical terms. These texts are more general, such as brochures, campaigns, marketing material, etc.

Legal Translation

Legal texts are the most difficult to translate. Legal translation refers to any document of a legal nature, such as contracts and agreements, statements of defense and claims, notary translation (certificates & diplomas), etc. The legal translation requires excellent understanding of and familiarity with the legal culture in both the source and the target countries. There is no room for mistakes in the legal translation. Bad translation of an agreement paragraph may have disastrous consequences.

Literary Translation

Translation of manuscripts such as books, songs, plays and stories. To many, the literary translation is regarded as of the highest quality. The literary translator is required to be able to deliver emotions, cultural differences, humor, etc.

Medical Translation

Translation of medical-related texts, such as medical equipment, medical references, hospital discharge letters, texts on packages, etc.

Technical Translation

This category has an extensive meaning. Usually it entails areas such as information technology or production, and refers to the translation of operating manuals, user guides, technical specifications, etc. The technical translator is required to be familiar with subject-specific terminology.

Marketing Translation

Translation of texts of marketing nature. These texts are meant to market/sell a service, a product or an idea, and as any other type of translation, the marketing translation must follow a set of specific rules.